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Graphics by Gimp

Clockmail is a GNOME panel applet, it can display the time, date, mail status, and the message count. Many themes are included.

The current version is 1.9.0 - February 24, 2003


Screen shots showing several Clockmail applets on one panel:

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

These shots show themes new to the 1.9.0 release:

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

Download the latest version below.

The rpm packages should work with both GNOME 2.0 and 2.2. The rpm is built on a RedHat 8.0 system. There is an issue with some themes when the panel background is set to an image or transparent.

Source code Binaries
clockmail-applet-1.9.0.tar.gz (263k) clockmail-applet-1.9.0-1.i386.rpm (Redhat 8, 187k)

All versions (including old) are also listed on the GQapplets project download page.

updated 2/24/2003